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A Non-Partisan Nod: It Takes a Mission.

Inauguration Day, 2009Welcome to my inaugural blog! 
Although I'd hoped to start on a high note, I'm starting on a soaring one, instead; it's the grown-up example of how it looks when everybody wins.
The left-hand photo has lived on the inside cover of every script I've memorized and every appeal idea I've had, since I saw it on the cover of The New York Times on inauguration day of 2009.
At the time, I wondered at the paper's choice to feature a picture of the president’s back on that day, of all days. Considering it further, I understood. On that day America was the exuberant, curious, excited child.  On that day, the kid was the point. The relaxed president and game first lady held the space.
Governor Chris Christie, President Barack Obama, New Jersey ResidentLast week, there was another picture  on the cover of The Times (to your right). Governor Christie, President Obama, and an older woman were looking for what she'd lost in the hurricane. I couldn’t miss the resonance.  These pictures speak to each other.

Time had changed the issue but not the composition. And what we hold as self-evident went from innocent awe, to defiant humility. 
It takes courage not to let Time change composition.  It takes a mission.  It seems to me.
Glad you're here,
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