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The Girl at the Bottom of the Well: A Holiday Musing ©

Dear God, please put another holiday between Christmas and Easter. 
There is nothing good in there now.” 
- Eight-year-old, Ginny
Christmas.  Kwanzaa. Ramadan.  Hanukkah. 
A Post-Hurricane Sandy ImpulseThis time of year means more things to more people worldwide, than any other season.  But as a grant writer for nonprofit social service agencies, I want Ginny to know; there’s plenty to celebrate between Christmas and New Year’s.
  • It's a kind of Thanksgiving, when a pilot program levels the educational playing field in public schools.
  • It’s a celebration, when a once-illiterate adult is proud of his book report, instead of ashamed he can’t read.
It’s in the therapeutic programs and community outreach.  It’s in the executive teams working on the front lines of governmental advocacy to give unheard, vulnerable populations a voice.  Most certainly, it’s in the philanthropists; it’s nowhere, if not in them.
Some years ago, a child fell into an abandoned well, and the entire nation held its breath, as the frantic mother and throngs of firefighters battled to save her life.  And they did.  And we cheered.  But so many of our fellow citizens are at the bottom of the well of well-being.  So many barely survive the repercussions of addiction, abuse and skyrocketing unemployment.  No wonder Ginny thinks we need more holidays.
In this season of celebration, I applaud the human impulse to ask, advocate and answer the plight of those who have fallen through the cracks in this, the world’s wealthiest nation. What a difference we make, when we invest even a little attention in those who need us.  They are not so far from you and me; they’re as close as Christmas, and their healing is only a celebration away. 
So Happy New Year! And Thanks(for)giving!
And, Ginny, I hope you’re listening.
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